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Charting Ryan Tannehill Week 10 2016

Travis Wingfield



Any way you slice it, this was a dazzling performance from the Dolphins quarterback. Ryan Tannehill’s highlight reel offers some jaw-dropping plays, several of which came from this one game. Box score, film, third down and fourth quarter prowess – this game had it all.

Drive NumberPlayQuarterDownDistancePersonnelFormationBound/FieldResultThrow LocalDirectionPressurePres TimeContestedRouteTargetAir YardsYACPlay ActionGun/UCFD/TD
111st2nd7122x2BoundaryCompletionOn targetLeftFlatGray09U/CFirst Down
121st1st10113x1BoundaryCompletionOn targetMiddleSlantParker68YesGunFirst Down
131st2nd9123x1FieldCompletionOn targetMiddleScreenParker010YesGunFirst Down
141st1st10122x1BoundaryCompletionOn targetRightFlat underGray09YesU/C
261st3rd9112x2BoundaryOff targetOverthrowLeftYesOutStills13Gun
372nd1st10123x1BoundaryCompletionOn targetLeftScreenLandry-42Gun
382nd3rd9113x1FieldCompletionOn targetMiddleHit3.02DigLandry80Gun
492nd2nd7113x1BoundaryDropOn targetMiddleYesSlantJones4Gun
4102nd3rd7113x2BoundaryCompletionOn targetLeftHit2.86YesOutStills9-1GunFirst Down
4112nd2nd13112x2BoundaryCompletionOn targetMiddleHurry2.65DragParker410GunFirst Down
4122nd1st10113x1BoundaryCompletionOn targetLeftSpeed outParker54U/C
4132nd3rd3113x2BoundaryCompletionOn targetLeftHit2.05YesSpeed outLandry51GunFirst Down
4142nd1st10113x1FieldCompletionOn targetMiddleHit3.92YesPostStills450YesU/CTouchdown
5153rd1st10113x1FieldCompletionOn targetMiddleScreenLandry-38Gun
5163rd2nd7123x1FieldCompletionOn targetRightYesCornerLandry232GunFirst Down
6173rd1st10122x2FieldCompletionOn targetRightHit2.03Speed outLandry29GunFirst Down
6183rd1st10122x2BoundaryPBULOS batRightSpeed outParker5U/C
6193rd2nd10113x1-1 yard runGun
6203rd3rd11113x118 yard runGunFirst Down
6213rd3rd2113x2BoundaryCompletionOn targetLeftYesGoWilliams200GunTouchdown
7224th2nd11122x2BoundaryDropOn targetRightHit1.96OutParker11Gun
8244th2nd19113x1FieldCompletionOn targetMiddleSwingAjayi-56Gun
8254th1st10122x2BoundaryCompletionOn targetLeftHit2.46YesGoParker2927GunFirst Down
8264th2nd9123x1FieldOff targetOverthrowMiddleHit2.16YesSeamSims9U/C
8274th3rd9113x2BoundaryPBUOn targetLeftYesParkerFade9Gun

The San Diego defense was daring the Dolphins aerial attack to throw to the perimeter all game. A heavy dose of cover-2 inviting receivers into the famed “turkey hole” caused an imbalance in the Miami offense not yet seen at this point of 2016. Of the 23 qualifying passes thrown by Tannehill, 15 were targeted to the boundary side of the formation (65.2%) – a season high.

Two passes were deemed off-target at the quarterback’s authority. Each pass, however, can be defended. The first was a sideline pattern that sailed over the intended target (Kenny Stills). In their usual cover-2, the Chargers made this window very thin.

Next is a red zone pass in Dion Sims’ direction. There appears to me a cross-up on the pattern as Tannehill wanted Sims to extend and rebound this pass up the seam.

Throwing under duress is nothing new for Tannehill. On 10-of-23 passes, pressure arrived at an average rate of 2.53 seconds from snap-to-pressure.

Completing passes into tight windows was a 50-50 proposition. At 5-for-10 on the day, one drop gives Tannehill an adjusted completion rate of 60% when throwing into coverage. Both passing touchdowns (included Tannehill’s career highlight) came on contested throws.

The vertical passing game become a much larger fixture than usual. Averaging 8.49 air yards per throw, Tannehill connected on 4-of-6 passes targeted more than 10 yards down field (one drop and another against quality defense).

Play action offered another stellar showing from the Miami signal-caller. Tannehill completed all four passes from play-action for 72 yards and a touchdown.

Third down proved fruitful for the Miami offense. Tannehill moved the chains on 4-of-9 third down opportunities including a touchdown and an impressive 18-yard scramble where he eluded a sack and slipped another tackle short of the marker.

Playing efficient, safe football prior to this game opened some eyes regarding the Dolphins quarterback – but this game grabbed everyone’s attention. The game was slowing for Tannehill and his stats and tape made that painfully clear.

Result: Winning performance by the QB
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