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Charting Ryan Tannehill Week 12 2016

Travis Wingfield



Another win and another dazzling performance by the Miami quarterback. Ryan Tannehill was hitting his stride at this point in the season and he checked every box in this contest.

Drive NumberPlayQuarterDownDistancePersonnelFormationBound/FieldResultThrow LocalDirectionPressurePres TimeContestedRouteTargetAir YardsYACPlay ActionGun/UCFD/TD
111st1st10122x2FieldCompletionOn targetMiddleFlat underGray-38YesU/C
121st3rd3113x1FieldDropOn targetMiddleHit2.23YesHitchAjayi2U/C
231st1st10123x16 yard runU/CFirst Down
251st2nd15113x1FieldDropOn targetMiddleBrokenLandry3Gun
261st3rd15113x2FieldCompletionOn targetLeftScreenWilliams-39Gun
371st3rd7112x2FieldCompletionOn targetMiddleYesPostParker433GunFirst Down
381st1st10122x2BoundaryOff targetOverthrowLeftYesStutter GoStills32YesU/C
392nd3rd11113x1FieldCompletionOn targetLeftYesCornerLandry161GunFirst Down
3102nd2nd8113x1FieldCompletionOn targetMiddleHitchStills131YesU/CFirst Down
3112nd1st10113x2BoundaryDropOn targetRightYesFadeParker10Gun
3122nd2nd10122x2FieldCompletionOn targetMiddleSlantLandry26Gun
4132nd1st10112x2FieldCompletionOn targetMiddleHitchAjayi38U/CFirst Down
4142nd1st10112x217 yard runGunFirst Down
4152nd1st10113x11 yard runGun
4162nd2nd9112x2BoundaryCompletionOn targetLeftSpeed outLandry55U/CFirst Down
4172nd2nd1132x2FieldCompletionOn targetRightFlat underGray-18YesU/CFirst Down
4182nd1st20123x2BoundaryCompletionOn targetRightHitchParker52Gun
4192nd2nd13123x1BoundaryCompletionOn targetMiddleYesSeamSims142GunTouchdown
5202nd1st10113x1FieldCompletionOn targetMiddleFlat Sims07Gun
6223rd1st10113x1FieldCompletionOn targetMiddleRPO PopStills105YesGunFirst Down
6233rd2nd16112x2FieldDropOn targetLeftComebackStills16Gun
6243rd3rd16112x2BoundaryCompletionOn targetRightOutParker110Gun
7253rd1st10113x1-2 yard runGun
7263rd2nd12112x2BoundaryOff targetBad readMiddleYesHitchStills6Gun
8283rd2nd10113x110 yard runGunFirst Down
8293rd1st10112x2BoundaryCompletionOn targetRightFlatSims25YesGun
8303rd2nd3112x2FieldPBUOn targetLeftYesBrokenParker33YesU/C
8313rd3rd3112x2FieldCompletionOn targetLeftFadeStills2122GunTouchdown
9324th1st10113x2FieldCompletionOn targetMiddleFlatSims122GunFirst Down
9334th2nd9113x1BoundaryCompletionOn targetMiddleOverLandry102YesGunFirst Down
9344th2nd12113x2EvenCompletionOn targetRightSpeed outCarroo510GunTouchdown
10354th1st10122x2FieldOff targetUnderthrowRightYesComebackLandry12YesU/C
10364th2nd10112x22 yard runGun
10374th3rd8112x2FieldCompletionOn targetMiddleScreenWilliams-49Gun
11384th2nd9122x2FieldPBUOn targetLeftYesWheelLandry16Gun

The personnel packaging varied in this game more than usual. 11-personell was the go-to grouping for the 11thconsecutive game, but 12-personnel was employed a season-high eight times. 13-personnel was called upon once.

Of the 30 qualifying throws Tannehill made, 27 were on target. Two drops gave the Miami signal-caller a 90% effective rate on the day. Throughout the course of the game, Tannehill was fooled only once throwing high into a congested area.

Perhaps the lack of pressures had something to do with the box score. Tannehill took heat on a season-low three occasions (2 sacks and 1 hit) with an average snap-to-pressure time of 2.45 seconds.

Throwing contested passes was a complication as Miami completed only 3-of-11 tight-window throws. Tannehill wasn’t missing his spots though, as two passes were where they needed to be, but were broken up, with each of the two drops coming in this scenario.

The vertical passing game returned as Miami averaged 10.2 air-yards-per-pass. 47.4% of the passing yardage came after the catch and Tannehill was 6-of-9 on play action for 53 yards.

Tannehill spent more time under-center than usual against the 49ers (10 of 38 snaps coming from under-center).

Converting first downs wasn’t an issue – 40% of Miami’s pass play calls resulted in moving the sticks. Third downs, however, were a challenge – the Dolphins were just 3-for-9 in passing situations.

Despite a banged up offensive line and an in-game injury to Devante Parker, Tannehill sparkled in this game. This isn’t a game to write home about as the 49ers boasted the league’s worst defense at this juncture, but the good quarterbacks take care of business.

And, for the sixth consecutive game, Tanenhill and the Dolphins were good enough.

Result: Winning performance by the QB
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Play making ability.

Providing a threat with the running game.

Avoids the sack and turns it into a first down with his legs.

RPO pop pass.

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