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Charting Ryan Tannehill Week 13 2016

Travis Wingfield



Contrary to general perception, this game didn’t immediately go off the rails for Ryan Tannehill and the offense. A variety of personnel groupings, and an efficient first-half passing attack, it wasn’t until the latter 30 minutes that the wheels fell completely off.

Drive NumberPlayQuarterDownDistancePersonnelFormationBound/FieldResultThrow LocalDirectionPressurePres TimeContestedRouteTargetAir YardsYACPlay ActionGun/UCFD/TD
111st2nd10122x2BoundaryCompletionOn targetMiddleOverSims96YesU/CFirst Down
121st1st10013x2BoundaryCompletionOn targetLeftSpeed outLandry50Gun
131st3rd2202x1FieldPBUOn targetMiddleHurry1.97YesHitchLandry10Gun
241st1st10112x2BoundaryCompletionOn targetLeftFlareAjayi33YesU/C
251st3rd4113x2BoundaryCompletionOn targetMiddleHurry2.08Square InWilliams42GunFirst Down
261st1st10023x2BoundaryCompletionOn targetLeftComebackOut120GunFirst Down
272nd3rd5112x2FieldInterceptionOn targetRightYesFadeParker28Gun
382nd1st10133x1FieldCompletionOn targetMiddleSearchJones70YesU/C
392nd3rd12113x1BoundaryCompletionOn targetRightHurry1.43YesFlareWilliams02Gun
4102nd1st10112x2BoundaryOff targetOverthrowMiddleHit2.15YesSpeed outSims4Gun
4112nd2nd10113x1BoundaryCompletionOn targetMiddleHit3.08YesDigParker152GunFirst Down
4122nd1st10113x1BoundaryOff targetOverthrowMiddleHurryArrowAjayi1Gun
4132nd3rd18113x1FieldCompletionOn targetMiddleScreenLandry-213Gun
5143rd3rd7113x1FieldCompletionOn targetMiddleHit2.43Deep overLandry159GunFirst Down
5153rd1st10112x2FieldCompletionOn targetMiddleScreenAjayi-22Gun
5163rd2nd10113x1FieldCompletionOn targetMiddleScreenLandry-27Gun
5173rd3rd5112x2BoundaryCompletionOn targetMiddleSimsSeam148GunFirst Down
5183rd1st20113x1FieldInterceptionUnderthrowMiddleHit3.49YesDeep overLandry18YesGun
6193rd1st10113x1FieldCompletionOn targetMiddleSpeed outLandry63Gun
6203rd2nd1113x1FieldCompletionOn targetMiddleScreenLandry-310GunFirst Down
6213rd1st10113x1BoundaryCompletionOn targetLeftSwingAjayi-48Gun
6223rd2nd6113x2FieldCompletionOn targetMiddleFlatSims-13Gun
6233rd3rd4113x1FieldCompletionOn targetLeftFlatStills27GunFirst Down
6253rd3rd18113x1FieldOff targetOverthrowLeftOut and UpCarroo36Gun
7263rd1st10113x1FieldCompletionOn targetRightScreenLandry-310Gun
7273rd1st10112x2BoundaryOff targetBehindLeftYesOut and UpStills11Gun
7283rd2nd22113x1FieldCompletionOn targetRightScreenParker18YesGun
7293rd3rd13113x1FieldPBULos batMiddleHit2.59Hit as he Threw0Gun
8304th1st8113x1FieldCompletionOn targetRightYesFadeParker80GunTouchdown
9314th2nd10112x2BoundaryCompletionOn targetMiddleSearchAjayi112GunFirst Down
9334th2nd12113x1BoundaryCompletionOn targetRightFlareAjayi00Gun
10344th1st10113x1BoundaryCompletionOn targetRightHit2.46Choice/OutDrake40Gun
10354th2nd6112x2FieldCompletionOn targetMiddleHurry2.33SearchLandry58GunFirst Down
10374th2nd10112x2BoundaryDropOn targetMiddleSearchLandry5Gun
11394th1st10113x1FieldCompletionOn targetMiddleScreenLandry-34Gun
11404th2nd9113x1FieldCompletionOn targetMiddleHit2.41SearchLandry5-2Gun
11414th3rd6113x1BoundaryCompletionOn targetMiddleHit2.43YesArrowAjayi13Gun

This was the worst game of the year for Tannehill. Evident by his season-high seven quarterback throwing errors, that number doubled his showings against Tennessee and Cincinnati earlier in the year. For the day, Tannehill was accurate with 29-of-36 passes.

The first eight snaps of the game, the Dolphins deployed a variety of personnel packages. Using 20 and 02 personnel for the first time all season, Adam Gase sprinkled in 13 and 12-personnel early in the game.

Then, as Devante Parker entered (back injury), the Dolphins ran 32 consecutive plays from 11-personnel. The game plan was tossed out as the defense was drug through the mud at M&T Bank Stadium.

Tannehill’s three interceptions were all unique. The first was one of the greatest plays you will ever see a free safety make on a football field.

The second was purely on Tannehill throwing behind a receiver in heavy traffic. A deflection placed the ball directly into Eric Weddle’s hands. His third pick was an egregious throw when the game was already out of reach.

Tannehill is worst when he’s pressing – which is what happened in the second half. Normally an extremely accurate quarterback, Tannehill was missing high and behind far too frequently when the scoreboard became lopsided.

Extreme pressure didn’t help. On Tannehill’s 41 drop backs, he was pressured 16 times with an average snap-to-pressure time of 2.41 seconds.

Throwing into coverage yielded a 40% success rate, but three of the six incompletions were picked off.

The passing game became ultra conservative when the Ravens called the dogs off. Throwing the ball behind the line of scrimmage 10 times (and between 1-5 yards 12 additional times), Gase was trying to build confidence for the following week against the Cardinals.

Dolphins’ receivers gained 129 yards-after-the-catch (57% of the passing total) and Tannehill averaged just 6.1 air yards per throw.

The passing game converted 27% of its total plays for first downs or touchdowns and went four-of-12 on third down.

As expected, the offense was primarily operating out of the shotgun (37 compared to four snaps under center). Tannehill was 4-for-5 on play-action with an interception and a sack.

The Ravens own the Dolphins – they have since their inception. This theme with Tanenhill is something that needs to change moving forward. When the game is going terribly, he tends to drive the bus towards the cliff opposed to stabilization.

Tannehill is expected to take on an expanded leadership role in 2018. Rallying the troops, even when he doesn’t believe it himself, is an integral part of taking the next step.

We’ll find out soon enough if he’s up for it.

Result: Detrimental performance by the QB
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Additional videos:

Tannehill exhibits picturesque mechanics on the bootleg throwing across his body. Opening the gait is the key to this throw.

Evading pressure and converting a third down and four.

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