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Charting Ryan Tannehill Week 2 2016

Travis Wingfield



Dec 4, 2016; Baltimore, MD, USA; Miami Dolphins quarterback Ryan Tannehill (17) throws before the game against the Baltimore Ravens at M&T Bank Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Tommy Gilligan-USA TODAY Sports
Tommy Gilligan-USA TODAY Sports

Week 2 at New England –

PlayQuarterDownDistancePersonnelFormationBound/FieldResultThrow LocalDirectionPressurePres TimeContestedRouteTargetAir YardsYACPlay ActionGun/UCFD/TD       PersonnelFormationBound/FieldResultThrow LocalDirectionPressurePres TimeContestedRouteTargetAir YardsYACPlay ActionGun/UCFD/TD000
11st110113x1FieldCompletionOn TargetLeftScreenLandry-41Gun12- 32x2 1018 of 26PBU 5Hit 8PressureU.C - 5
21st35113x1FieldCompletionOn TargetMiddleScreenLandry-33Gun13 - 13x2 4QB error 3Sack 42.6
31st110112x2EvenCompletionOn TargetRightHurry2.59HitchCarroo20Gun
41st36112x2BoundaryCompletionOn TargetLeftHurry1.58SwingFoster248GunFirst
51st27113x1FieldCompletionOn TargetMiddleFlatLandry10Gun
61st36113x1FieldCompletionOn TargetMiddleHit2.65Square InCameron50Gun
72nd110113x1BoundaryDropOn TargetMiddleGoStills53Gun
92nd318112x2FieldCompletionOn TargetMiddleHurry2.37Shal CrossLandr28Gun
122nd110113x1RunZone readGun11 yard run - FD
132nd25113x1BoundaryPBULOS batMiddleAngleWilliams2Gun
152nd110112x2FieldDropOn TargetMiddleHit3.36OverCameron16Gun
162nd315113x1BoundaryCompletionOn TargetMiddleSearchFoster42Gun
183rd316113x1EvenCompletionOn TargetMiddleAngleFoster06Gun
193rd110112x2FieldCompletionOn TargetRightHurry3.24FlatCameron10YesU/C
203rd29112x2RunZone readGun1 yard run
213rd38112x2FieldUnderthrowHit as throwMiddleHit1.99Shal crossLandry2Gun
223rd37113x1FieldPBUBehindMiddleHit2.13Inter crossLandry8Gun
244th310113x1FieldCompletionOn TargetMiddleHurrySlantLandry77GunFirst
254th110133x1RunYesU/C5 yard run (naked boot designed)
264th25113x1FieldPBULOS batMiddleSearchLandry5Gun
274th35113x2BoundaryCompletionOn TargetRightHit2.79ComebackCarroo93GunFirst
284th15113x1FieldPBUOn TargetLeftYesFlatFoster0Gun
294th25113x1RunZone readGun(neg) 2 yard run
304th37113x1SackSackScramble out of boundsGun
314th110122x2FieldCompletionOn TargetMiddleDigStills160YesU/CFirst
324th29122x2FieldCompletionOn TargetLeftHit3.26ComebackLandry90YesU/CFirst
334th110113x2FieldCompletionOn TargetLeftBrokenLandry721GunFirst
344th110113x1BoundaryCompletionOn TargetLeftScreenWilliams-433GunFirst
384th210113x1SackSackScramble end of gameGun

A tale of two halves, the Dolphins caught fire over the final 30 minutes in Foxboro. A lopsided halftime score forced Miami into a tempo-based, shotgun-centric offense that chipped away at a 28-point deficit with chunk plays.

Ryan Tannehill had two turnovers in the game, each of which are open to interpretation of the observer. The first interception made its way directly into Jamie Collins’ hands; a poor decision by the quarterback. Tannehill pulled the trigger in the face of a relentless rush and was struck before completing his throwing motion causing the football to flutter.

The other, a last-second heave to pay-dirt, could’ve been prevented with a better effort from Devante Parker. Ultimately, Parker wound up with an opportunity to complete a sensational comeback, but a mis-timed jump allowed the Patriots to seal the thievery and the game.

Like the Seattle game, Miami was in 11-personnel almost exclusively. 47 of the 50 pass plays came from 11 with only two from 12-personnel and one from 02-personnel. Half of those 50 plays were in a 3-by-1 alignment, 22 were an even 2-by-2 split. Three plays emptied the backfield with a 3-by-2 look.

Converting an impressive 42.9% (21-of-49) of total drop backs into first downs, two of Tannehill’s best throws went for touchdowns. One of the house-calls came off of play-action, which Miami called on five times. Of the five play-action calls, Tannehill completed four-of-five for 63 yards, a touchdown and an interception.

With a heavy focus on the vertical passing game, yards-after-catch took a backseat to air yards (41.9% of total yards on YAC). Only six of the 50 drop-backs came from under-center.

The Dolphins dazzled on third down completing four-of-seven passes. Accounting for two dropped first downs, Tannehill’s adjusted third-down-conversation rate was five-for-seven (71.4%).

Protection improved dramatically allowing pressure on only 14 drop-backs. Of the 14 pressures, 10 were hits – the other four were hurries with no sacks. The average time of pressure was 2.7 seconds.

New England’s coverage based scheme forced Miami to squeeze a lot of tight windows. 17 of the 43 qualifying pass-attempts were contested, 11 of those were completed – a 64.7% success rate. At one point in the second half the Dolphins completed nine consecutive challenged passes.

The second half of this game is the ideal image of what Gase envisions for this offense. A dominant aerial-attack that distributes the football all around the skilled group, takes advantage of match-ups, and isolates players via decoy and clear-out routes.

Tannehill found his rhythm operating in crowded pockets, throwing from awkward platforms and extending plays with his legs. Throwing into the end-zone at the buzzer with a chance to erase a 28-point deficit is an accomplishment in its own right. A play here-or-there in the first half and the Dolphins could’ve stolen this game.

Result: Winning performance by the QB

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Other plays of significance:

A drop by Jordan Cameron

Tannehill making a play with his legs when the primary is covered up

Cameron getting walled off to the perimeter, leaving the QB nowhere to go with the ball

Devante Parker with a clean release and high-points the football, just can’t hang on

Calm under duress, works to a clear lane and throws a dime with an unusual platform

Devante Parker has a chance to make a tough catch for a touchdown to close the first half. Miami would settle for a field goal

Taking advantage of that backside one-on-one press-coverage again

Houdini like evading pressure and a superb ball to Ajayi coming back towards the QB

Wheel route with excellent touch and a great catch

Getting away from a sack and throwing across his body

99 mile-per-hour heat

Improvising and using the pump fake to suspend the defenders

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