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Charting Ryan Tannehill Week 7 2016

Travis Wingfield



For the second consecutive game, the box score didn’t accurately portray Ryan Tannehill’s performance. Sharp on third down, his second best first-down-conversion percentage of the season and extending plays with his legs, Tannehill had the offense cruising.

Drive NumberPlayQuarterDownDistancePersonnelFormationBound/FieldResultThrow LocalDirectionPressurePres TimeContestedRouteTargetAir YardsYACPlay ActionGun/UCFD/TD
111st1st10123x1BoundaryCompletionOn targetRightSpeed outStills40U/C
121st2nd1113x1BoundaryCompletionOn targetMiddleScreenParker02YesGunFirst Down
131st1st10123x1BoundaryCompletionOn targetLeftChoiceAjayi20YesU/C
151st3rd14113x1FieldCompletionOn targetMiddleDigStills140GunFirst Down
161st1st10113x1FieldPBULOS batMiddleFlatLandry0Gun
171st3rd6113x1FieldCompletionOn targetMiddleHitchStills110GunFirst Down
181st1st20112x2FieldOff targetBehindMiddleHurry1.93Flat underWilliams2YesGun
191st3rd8113x1FieldOff targetBehindMiddleYesPivotStills10YesGun
2101st3rd7112x2BoundaryDropOn targetMiddleHurry2.02YesDigStills13Gun
3111st1st10112x2FieldCompletionOn targetLeftHit3.58YesDeep overLandry242YesU/CFirst Down
3121st1st10113x1BoundaryPBU50 50 ballLeftHit2.36YesGoParker32U/C
3132nd3rd10112x1BoundaryPBUOn targetLeftHurry1.46YesBrokenFoster8Gun
4142nd1st10123x1BoundaryCompletionOn targetRightHurry2.53OutLandry122YesU/CFirst Down
4152nd2nd11112x2FieldCompletionOn targetMiddleSlantParker81Gun
4162nd3rd2113x1Run - 4 yard gainGunFirst Down
4172nd1st20Heavy - 112x1BoundaryCompletionOn targetRightYesComebackStills50YesU/C
4182nd2nd15113x2Run - 2 yard gainGun
4192nd3rd13113x1BoundaryCompletionOn targetMiddleDragLandry0-1Gun
5202nd1st10112x2Run - 1 yard gainGun
6213rd1st10112x2FieldOff targetUnderthrowRightYesGoStills41Gun
6223rd3rd12113x1FieldPBUBad readLeftHit2.92YesCornerLandry27Gun
7233rd1st10Heavy - 122x1Sack1.98YesU/C
8243rd3rd13112x2Run - 2 yard gainGun
9253rd2nd8113x1BoundaryCompletionOn targetMiddleYesSlantParker63GunFirst Down
9263rd2nd7113x1FieldCompletionOn targetMiddleFlatLandry-223GunFirst Down
9273rd1st10113x1Run - 13 yard gainGunFirst Down
10284th2nd10113x1BoundaryCompletionOn targetRightHit1.53FlareFoster04Gun
10294th3rd6113x1BoundaryDropOn targetMiddleYesArrowFoster5Gun
10304th3rd7112x1EvenCompletionOn targetMiddleHit2.62YesDeep overLandry126GunFirst Down
10314th3rd6112x2FieldCompletionOn targetRightYesGoStills2640GunTouchdown

The notable change in this game was the third down prowess. Aside from the pair of third down conversions near the end of the fourth quarter, Tannehill was picking up difficult down-and-distances all game. Just five of the 12 opportunities resulted in the chains moving, but factoring in two more dropped passes gives Tannehill an adjusted rate of 58.3% (7-for-12).

Altogether, 36.7% of the Dolphins 30 registered plays resulted in first downs. Tannehill, however, made more errors in this game than in previous showings. Of the 24 qualifying passes, five of the incompletions came via QB error (one bad read, two off-target throws and two passes into coverage that were broken up).

The vertical passing game made an emphatic return. Tannehill’s 260 air yards put his average per throw at 10.83 – a season high. 40.2% of the 204 passing yards came after the catch – 40 of which came on one play.

A season low 10 passes were thrown within five yards of the line of scrimmage. The Dolphins went with an empty package only once and ushered on an extra lineman for two plays. 11-personnel returned to its prominent place with 26 of the 31 snaps occurring in this package.

The Miami offensive line put together its second consecutive impressive showing. Of the 11 total pressures, just one was a sack. The average time from snap-to-pressure was 2.3 seconds. Tannehill made things happen with his legs in this game including a designed run for a first down.

The Bills challenged a lot of passes at the catch point. Five of the 12 passes thrown into traffic were completed and two were dropped.

Jay Ajayi’s 200-yard rushing performance opened up the play action game. Tannehill completed five of seven passes for 47 yards on play pass. More than ¼ of the called pass plays came from under center (8-of-31).

The late touchdown pass saved the box score for Tannehill. Regardless, he had command of the huddle and at the line-of-scrimmage, consistently had the Dolphins in the right play call and was sharp on third down.

Result: Winning performance by the QB
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