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Charting Ryan Tannehill Week 9 2016

Travis Wingfield



After a pair of slump-busting games the Dolphins offense reverted back to an ineffective strike force. Miami’s finesse style of offensive line play was bullied by a stout Jets front full of complex blitzes. Kenny Stills missed half the game and Ryan Tanenhill made a handful of mistakes on his own accord.

Drive NumberPlayQuarterDownDistancePersonnelFormationBound/FieldResultThrow LocalDirectionPressurePres TimeContestedRouteTargetAir YardsYACPlay ActionGun/UCFD/TD
111st2nd12122x1BoundaryCompletionOn targetRightDeep overJones1014YesU/CFirst Down
121st1st10113x1FieldCompletionOn targetRightSquare inParker40Gun
231st1st10113x1BoundaryCompletionOn targetMiddleSlantLandry56U/CFirst Down
242nd1st10123x1FieldOff targetShort hopLeftHit2.81YesDeep overLandry14YesU/C
252nd3rd9113x1BoundaryCompletionOn targetRightHurry2.07YesWheelWilliams136GunFirst Down
262nd2nd9122x2FieldCompletionOn targetMiddleFlareLandry-412YesU/C
272nd3rd1Heavy - 132x1BoundaryCompletionOn targetRightYesSpeed outJones10GunTouchdown
382nd2nd11113x1FieldCompletionOn targetLeftHit2.24Speed outStills74GunFirst Down
4102nd1st10113x1BoundaryCompletionOn targetMiddleHit2.31ArrowAjayi16Gun
4112nd2nd3113x1BoundaryCompletionOn targetRightSwingAjayi-810Gun
4122nd3rd1112x2FieldCompletionOn targetLeftFlareAjayi010GunFirst Down
4132nd1st10113x1BoundaryCompletionOn targetLeftHit1.93FlatWilliams01Gun
5153rd2nd9123x2BoundaryCompletionOn targetLeftHitchParker40Gun
5163rd3rd5113x1FieldCompletionOn targetMiddleSwingDrake-713YesGunFirst Down
6183rd2nd10113x1EvenCompletionOn targetLeftScreenLandry014U/CFirst Down
6193rd1st10113xFieldCompletionOn targetMiddleSpeed outGray40Gun
6203rd1st10113x1FieldPBULOS batMiddleScreenParker1Gun
6213rd3rd5113x2FieldOff targetShort hopLeftYesFlatGray0Gun
7223rd1st10113x1FieldCompletionOn targetMiddleSpeed outGray33U/C
7233rd3rd2113x1BoundaryPBUBad readRightYesSwingAjayi-7U/C
8254th3rd9113x2FieldCompletionOn targetLeftHit2.63FlatJones215GunFirst Down
8264th1st10122x2FieldOff targetOverthrowRightHit1.71YesOutLandry10YesU/C
8274th3rd4113x1FieldOff targetOverthrowMiddleGoCarroo39Gun
9284th2nd6013x1FieldDropOn targetMiddleScreenGrant-3U/C
9294th3rd6112x2BoundaryDropOn targetLeftHurry2.09YesBrokenJones7Gun
10304th2nd1113x1Run for -2 yardsZone ReadGun

The Dolphins’ quarterback was under siege for the majority of this contest. Early on Miami took advantage of soft spots vacated by the aggressive Jets’ defense. Moving the chains, converting in the red zone and an impressive third down rate, things looked right in line with the previous two games.

Then Stills went out.

Stills’ presence alone wasn’t the sole factor for the Miami offense bogging down entirely in the second half. The Dolphins did, however, miss a golden opportunity on a go-route to replacement slot-man Leonte Carroo.

Pressure was the name of the game in this match-up. On 29 drop backs, despite taking just one sack, Tannehill was under pressure 11 times (eight hits and two hurries). The average time from snap-to-pressure was just 2.31 seconds.

Any effort to thwart the Jets aggression proved futile. Whether it was a basic four-man rush, or sending extra men, Tannehill was constantly under immediate duress.

After a more vertical-centric game plan was executed in the week prior, the Dolphins had to go back to the conservative, short passing game it regularly employed. Only seven of the 26 qualifying passes went beyond five yards in the air. Tannehill’s average air yards per throw was a measly 4.08 (less than half from the Buffalo game).

Once again Miami executed on third down. Five of the 11 passing attempts resulted in first downs with a sixth added for drop adjustment. Tannehill wasn’t free of error on his own, however. Five of his 26 throws were attributed to quarterback error – an abnormally high number for Tannehill.

Miami converted first downs on nine of 30 plays, a 30% rate. The play action game wasn’t clicking like it normally was in 2016. Just 38 yards passing on five passes (three completions) came from play pass.

Contested passes were an even greater challenge. Tannehill completed just 25% of his contested throws. Adjusting for one drop, Tannehill was 3-for-8 throwing into tight windows.

The Jets pressure and denial of the running game forced Miami back into more variety from a play calling standpoint. 12-personnel was brought onto the field six times, 01-personnel once and heavy-13 once. 11-personnel remained the base package with 22 reps occurring in said look.

Still, the Dolphins had an opportunity to close the game out on offense late. Drops on two consecutive plays forced the ‘Phins to punt it back and play defense to preserve the win. Tannehill’s prowess throwing on the run and evading pressure was on display on this crucial Dom Jones drop.

While there were throws Tannehill would’ve liked to have had back in this game, the overall lack of effectiveness could be contributed to a team effort. Tannehill’s errors are erased by his third down efforts giving him his second inconclusive grade on the season.

Result: Inconsequential performance by the QB
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