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NFL Draft

Miami Dolphins: 10 Prospects They Could Target in Round 2

Andrew Mitchell



Image Credit: Scott Sewell-USA TODAY Sports

The Miami Dolphins began to rebuild their defensive line when they selected Defensive Tackle Christian Wilkins with the 13th pick in Round 1. As we head into the Day 2 of the NFL Draft, check out some prospects Miami may consider when they’re on the clock with the 16th pick in Round 2 (pick #48 overall):

1) Greedy Williams, CB, LSU

  • The LSU cornerback is still on the board and is sure to hear his name very quickly in the 2nd round. Miami is still searching for a starting corner opposite Xavien Howard, with Eric Rowe slotted as the current placeholder. Greedy’s ball skills alone would be a great addition, given the number of throws coming his way with X locking down the other side of the field.

2) Chauncey Gardner- Johnson, S, UF

  • CGJ is a play-maker at the safety position. As we all know, Brian Flores often likes to play with 3 safeties on the field at the same time, and Miami is truly lacking 2 of the 3. Reshad Jones is getting older and his pay has exceeded his play, and T.J. McDonald is not a great fit schematically.

3) Chase Winovich, DE, Michigan

  • A relentless motor and skilled pass rusher, Chase Winovich would be quite the coup to pair with 1st-round pick Christian Wilkins. He’s a great player and better teammate. With Miami lacking pass rush, Winovich could help apply pressure from a revamped front 7.

4) Zach Allen, DE, Boston College

  • Much like Winovich above, Brian Flores’ scheme relies heavily on his front 7 to bring pressure from a myriad of directions. Zach Allen would upgrade our pass rush and compliment the team with his relentless motor.

5) Eric McCoy, C, Texas A&M

  • As much as I love some of the names that are still on the board, I am personally leaning towards the offensive line. After the New York Jets and Buffalo Bills selected the top 2 interior defensive linemen in Quinnen Williams and Ed Oliver, Miami’s need for interior protection is higher than it was before! Eric McCoy can play Center or Guard, but would immediately improve a weak interior.

6) Cody Ford, OT, Oklahoma

  • Following suit with the above, Cody Ford is a massive man who is slotted to play either Right Tackle or Guard. Both are needs for Miami, and fits the above logic (given Miami will face 2 top interior defensive linemen twice a year).

7) Dalton Risner, OT, Kansas State

  • A Travis Wingfield favorite, Dalton Risner is solid Right Tackle prospect with a nasty streak in him. Miami has sorely lacked that over the years, and Risner would give them 2 bookend Tackles for the foreseeable future when they target a franchise Quarterback in the 2020 Draft.

8) Byron Murphy, CB, Washington

  • Many of us have spoken about Miami having a potentially star-studded secondary and making it that position group the strength of this defense. Byron Murphy is one of the cleanest, most-solid defensive backs in the draft. Much like Greedy Williams above, he instantly gives you a starting corner opposite of Xavien Howard and turns the back half of the defense into its strong suit.

9) Rock Ya- Sin, CB, Temple

  • Keeping the secondary in mind here, Rock Ya-Sin was someone that shot up the draft boards over the last 2 months. A beast of a player, and similar to both Murphy and Williams, Ya-Sin would enhance the secondary and turn that group into the strength of this defense. In a passing league, any of these options would tremendously help Miami’s new defense.

10) Miles Sanders, RB, Penn St.

  • Is the 2nd- round too soon for a running back? Maybe, but it might not be for this regime. I’ve been saying for awhile now that Miles Sanders fits what this staff looks for in a running back. While other needs seem like a higher priority, Sanders is still a possibility early in the 2nd.

11) Jawan Taylor, OT, UF (Honorable Mention)

  • Jawan Taylor was a top 3 prospect at Offensive Tackle until his knee was flagged recently. He is now sliding into the 2nd Obviously, the staff would have more info on the injury than I would but while it would be good value, we would need to know the details on the knee before I totally feel confident in the pick. With other Offensive Line prospects like the above, his injury may get him passed up by Miami.

Andrew is a lifelong Dolphins’ fan that has a deep passion for sports. He has a Multimedia Journalism Degree from Florida Atlantic University and also has interned for ESPN Radio. For all his opinions and articles you can follow him on Twitter: @mitchpr0



  1. Avatar


    April 26, 2019 at 10:58 am

    I’d loveeeee the Winovich pick, unless of course we swap our third for Rosen. Then this pick has to be spent on o-line if we expect Rosen to show us what he can do at all without getting pummeled behind Kilgore and company.

  2. Avatar

    Bill Martin

    April 26, 2019 at 1:14 pm

    My heart says CB (Murphy), but my brain says OL (Ford or Mcoy). I’m torn!

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Miami Dolphins

A second Dolphins mock draft from someone who doesn’t watch football

Shawn Digity



J.K. Dobbins 2020 NFL Draft
Image courtesy of USA Today Sports

(Locked On Dolphins) – Last week, Person A dazzled us with their blind mock draft, and now we’re back with the next entry in the series.

Person B is ready to go with their mock.

Keep in mind that all the blind mock draft contributors have little to no knowledge of the NFL.

I had all the contributors standardize their boards and the process so that everyone was on an even playing field.

They all used The Draft Network’s mock draft simulator with seven rounds, the predictive board, and had to choose the players manually.

Without further ado, here’s Person B’s mock draft.

(1) 5. Tua Tagovailoa – QB, Alabama
(1) 18. J.K. Dobbins – RB, Ohio State
(1) 26. Terrell Lewis – Edge, Alabama
(2) 39. Lloyd Cushenberry III – iOL, LSU
(2) 56. Xavier McKinney – S, Alabama
(3) 70. Rashard Lawrence – iDL, LSU
(5) 135. Chase Claypool – WR, Notre Dame
(5) 144. Justin Herron – OT, Wake Forest
(5) 147. Terrell Burgess – S, Utah
(6) 165. Lamar Jackson – CB, Nebraska
(6) 177. Jacob Breeland – TE, Oregon
(7) 223. David Reese II – LB, Florida

As I did with Person A, I reached out to Person B to get their reasoning behind the selections.

Me: “I noticed that you took Tua [Tagovailoa]. What led you to that decision with the fifth pick?”

Person B: “I knew the Dolphins wanted to get a QB, and Tua has been talked about so much that I just went with him.”

Me: “Which of your other selections did you feel particularly good about?”

Person B: “I need you to send me the link to my draft. I forgot who I picked since it took five attempts.”

[resends mock draft to Person B]

“I like my J.K. Dobbins pick. O-H-. And Rashard Lawrence. Because I figure he’s pretty good since LSU was really good this year.”

Me: “Your picks are really good. I’d put yours ahead of Person A. But it’s almost suspiciously good. Did you put your thumb on the scale somewhere along the line?”

Person B: “Well, by my 5th attempt (1 and 2: I didn’t select manual mode, 3: I didn’t pick 7 rounds from the drop-down menu, 4: I completed, but the site froze, and I lost everything), I figured out that I should probably pick from the top of the list first because if you don’t then those players just go like hotcakes.

So, I just matched up the positions the Dolphins needed to fill with the players highest on the list, and if I recognized a name or team, I would select them over someone I had never heard of.”

Me: “OK, well, we’re all out of time. Do you have any parting messages for Dolphins fans?”

Person B: “Well, I think the Dolphins are on the right track, and I hope that all of the true blue fans who have hung in with them for all these years will get to see another Super Bowl in the near future. GO FINS!”

And that wraps things up with Person B.

What are your thoughts on Person B’s mock draft? Leave a comment or tweet your thoughts at me directly on Twitter (@DIGITYnodoubt).

Tune in next time for Person C’s mock…

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NFL Draft

A Miami Dolphins mock draft from someone who doesn’t watch football

Shawn Digity



Tua Tagovailoa 2020 NFL Draft
Image courtesy of USA Today Sports

Miami, Florida (Locked On Dolphins) – Draft season is here. You know that already.

With draft season also comes the massive influx of mock drafts now that the floodgates have opened.

But that isn’t exactly what’s going on here.

There is a mock draft, but I’ve sought help from a different perspective this time.

I have enlisted some of my friends and family members to help put together their ideal draft classes for the Miami Dolphins in the 2020 Draft.

The kicker? They don’t know anything about football.

They aren’t up to date with the Miami Dolphins, either.

But I didn’t send them into the darkness totally blind. I sent them all the link to The Draft Network’s mock draft simulator where they were at least provided with a list of positional needs for the team.

To standardize each mock, I asked all contributors to pick the Dolphins, do seven rounds, use manual mode for their choices, and use The Draft Network’s predictive board.

Let’s see how our first contributor, Person A, did with their mock draft.

(1) 5. Tua Tagovailoa – QB, Alabama
(1) 18. D’Andre Swift – RB, Georgia
(1) 26. Grant Delpit – S, LSU
(2) 39. Ross Blacklock – iDL, TCU
(2) 56. Brandon Aiyuk – WR, Arizona State
(3) 70. Cole Kmet – TE, Notre Dame
(5) 135. Nick Coe – Edge, Auburn
(5) 144. Michael Onwenu – iOL, Michigan
(5) 147. Jacob Phillips – LB, LSU
(6) 165. Colby Parkinson – TE, Stanford
(6) 177. Lavert Hill – CB, Michigan
(7) 223. Cole Chewins – OT, Michigan State

I reached out to Person A to ask some questions and get some of their rationale behind the picks (and used the quotes with their permission).

When asked about double-dipping on tight ends, Person A said, “I didn’t realize I needed one from each of the letter combinations until later.”

When asked about their reasoning for waiting until the late rounds to address the offensive line, Person A responded, “I don’t know what the offensive line is, so no, I have no reasoning.”

In response to completing the mock draft, Person A had this to say: “I have no idea what I did, but here’s my list.”

There you have it, folks.

Person B’s mock draft is coming soon…

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Miami Dolphins

The Miami Dolphins and Tua Tagovailoa seem destined to cross paths

Shawn Digity



Tua Tagovailoa Miami Dolphins
Image courtesy of USA Today Sports

Miami, Florida (Locked On Dolphins) – The writing on the wall is being inscribed as we speak. The message is coming into focus, and the case for Tua Tagovailoa in aqua and orange is becoming stronger.

If you would’ve asked me about it last week, I would’ve sung the same ol’ tune that’s been on the record player for the past eight months. Get Tua Tagovailoa.

It’s the plight of every directionless team that’s caught in a slow whirlpool circling the drain. But if you find the quarterback, then they’ll take you to the promised land. That’s the panacea for a lifeless, wayward franchise, right?

And it’s one thing to wish upon a shooting star hoping that the Dolphins can get that franchise guy, but it’s another to land that generational talent at the position.

And the Miami Dolphins might be catching a break.

Until now, that’s all it was, hoping and wishing.

But something’s different now.

Something manifested on Thursday, January 30 that initiated an intertwining of fates between the Miami Dolphins and Tagovailoa.

It was recognition.

It was a flash of a silver lining that could see the Miami Dolphins get their new franchise quarterback.

Let me paint the picture.

Early on Thursday, Super Bowl Live featured the Alabama quarterback in an interview. It’s not related to anything Super Bowl, but it was a way for draftniks and fans of terrible teams to get their draft-related fix as the 49ers and Chiefs get ready to beat each other up in Super Bowl LIV.

What’s important about the interview is that Tagovailoa cleared some murky waters on his rehab and participation in the draft process.

Talking with NFL Network’s Colleen Wolfe and Michael Robinson, Tagovailoa was unsurprisingly asked about his recovery after his hip dislocation last November.

“I feel very good. We’re on pace to make a full recovery,” Tagovailoa responded.

When asked about his participation in the draft process, namely, the Combine, Tagovailoa stated, “My main goal is not to win the 40, not to win the bench press, but to win my medical.”

“I’m going to go over there looking to win my medical and then go in and interview with the teams. That’s pretty much what I’m going to do. And then hopefully there’s a pro day down the line, either late March or early April.”

Tagovailoa’s prognosis is looking good as he works his way back, but that’s not the real meat and potatoes of the Miami Dolphins-Tua Tagovailoa connection.

Shortly after Tagovailoa’s interview, Andy Slater revealed a significant nugget regarding the quarterback’s draft selection.

That’s crystal clear, no reason to speculate.

There’s no need to flesh out the quote. It’s almost straight from the horse’s mouth.

And I’d like to let all the Dolphins fans stop and revel in those words, but there’s more.

The faction of Miami Dolphins who wanted Tua Tagovailoa all along might want to have a seat for this one.

Later on Thursday evening, Tagovailoa’s agent, Leigh Steinberg, shot out a bombastic bon mot at the Bengals’ expense to fortify a certain idea: Tua Tagovailoa and his family want the Dolphins to draft him.

The two quotes feed off of each other. Not only does Tagovailoa’s father want the Dolphins to select his son, but Steinberg also makes it sound like stakeholders don’t want him to be taken by Cincinnati.

They’re just snippets, quotes, and nuggets at this point, but they’re all little bellwethers pointing toward the epicenter of a Tua Tagovailoa-Miami Dolphins collision course.

Buckle up. The two trains will intersect in just a few months.

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