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NFL Draft

Scouting College Football’s Top 2020 Quarterback Prospects – Week 13

Travis Wingfield



Recapping Week 13 of the College Football Season

During the college season, here on Locked On Dolphins, we’re going to keep an eye on quarterbacks all throughout the country. Our primary focus will be on the big four, the options that Miami will likely choose from with an early pick in the 2020 draft.

Those quarterbacks are:

Tua Tagovailoa Scouting Report
Jake Fromm Scouting Report
Justin Herbert Scouting Report
Jordan Love Scouting Report

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*LSU’s Joe Burrow has been added to the prospect watch list.

We’ll go in chronological order from when the games were played.

Week 13 Recap

Jake Fromm vs. Texas A&M, Win 19-13
Stats: 11/23 (47.8%) 163 yards (7.09 YPA) 1 TD

Georgia hosted the A&M in a torrential downpour, which prompted Fromm to wear a glove on his throwing hand. The result of the new hand attire, a handful of dreadful misses for the junior quarterback.

Fromm removed the glove and heated up late in the first half. When he’s in need of a big play Fromm tends to go outside the numbers on back-shoulder throws, and he hits them with remarkable consistency. He remains a tough out on third downs as he wins with his anticipation and ball placement.

This season was supposed to serve as an opportunity for Fromm to solidify himself at QB2, but you won’t see him in that tier with many pundits, if any at all. He’s limited from a physical traits standpoint, and his true value will be revealed in the combine meetings and on the white board.

Joe Burrow vs. Arkansas, Win 56-20
Stats: 23/28 (82.1%) 327 yards (11.68 YPA) 3 TD

Tonight was a great culmination of what Joe Burrow is as a prospect. He’s as shifty pocket manager that can get away from pressure while maintaining downfield vision. He’s an accurate thrower that excels at finding passing lanes through innate spatial awareness.

He’s also equipped with a relatively weak arm. His first touchdown pass was severely under-thrown, but as Ja’Marr Chase tends to do, he bailed the play out with a Randy Moss-like reception. Burrow floated a few deep shots that fluttered out of his hand.

There’s no doubt that there are situations and schemes in the NFL that could maximize Burrow’s skill set. I don’t think he’s a scheme diverse, homerun pick, but he’s got a lot of the goods.

Justin Herbert at Arizona State, Loss 31-28
Stats: 20/36 (55.6%) 310 yards (8.61 YPA) 2 TD, 2 INT

At the risk of sounding redundant, Justin Herbert’s play refuses to change my opinion about his game. Poor results in big spots (on the road, in primetime with a chance to essentially punch a ticket to a College Football Playoff play-in game). His inconsistent mechanics lead to considerable lapses in accuracy, and his decision making demonstrates a lack of progression as a quarterback. When a potential top-five pick returns to school, and the shortcomings remain the same, that’s a major red flag.

Herbert a bad performance in Tempe snowball in the second half. Bad decision after bad decision, inaccurate throw after inaccurate throw, and another failed attempt at a potentially defining game. Herm Edwards’ defense hasn’t played well recently, but it’s an NFL structured scheme, one that Herbert would see a lot at the next level, hence the gravity of this road test.

Herbert has the look to me of a quarterback that’s going to get somebody fired. His physical traits, and the consequential expansion of the playbook, will tantalize a staff to stick with him far behind the leash he will deserve, but the consistent shortcomings in the non-negotiable aspects of the position will lead to continual disappointment.

Jordan Love vs. Boise State, In Progress

It takes a special talent to captivate an east coast crowd that’s viewing a 50-point drubbing at one in the morning. That’s what Jordan Love did on Saturday night (Sunday morning) in Logan, UT against the Boise State Broncos. Love made the one big mistake (pick six) that has been following him through the 2019 college football season, but he also made the countless jaw-dropping throws that have solidified him as my personal QB2 this process.

Every week, Love shows us the special talent that is only captured by three of four human beings walking this earth. Mahomes, Murray, Wison, Love — that’s probably it as far as the short stops playing QB with rare arm talent. The flexibility and strength of his arm allows him to put the football on quite literally any blade of grass on a 100-yard-by-53-yard football field.

The elusive nature by which he can escape pressure, paired with that arm, will expand the playbook of whichever play caller gets their hands on this specimen. Love will need some time as he still struggles with processing the middle of the field, but the upside is undeniable.

Week 13 Conclusion

Early Sunday morning, Ian Rappaport tweeted a story that Tua Tagovailoa is more likely to endure a bear attack than he is to suffer the same fate of Bo Jackson with his degenerative hip condition. Because of that, and the tireless work ethic that comes attached to Tua, he’s not moving from QB1 on my list — he’s still far and away the best.

I’m also solidifying Jordan Love as my QB2. He’s probably the most likely to return to school, and could throw his hat in the ring as the first overall pick in 2021 if he lands with Oklahoma, Alabama, or another big-time program. Scouting is about finding out what the play CAN do, not what he can’t do. And the things that Love can do are unique to him in this draft class. They’re unique to him in the history of college football, quite frankly.

I’m all the way out on Justin Herbert — but that was pretty much always the case. Same story. Failure against pressure (phantom or real), another stinker in a big primetime showdown. Inconsistent mechanics leading to flawed accuracy. The G.M. that falls for this fool’s gold will be on the unemployment line before Herbert reaches his second contract.

Joe Burrow is quietly humming along during his Heisman campaign. His accuracy and play making ability stood out all season, but so does the lack of drive on his downfield throws. The arm limitations, and the fact that I believe he’s scheme dependent (will be awesome if selected in the right situation, which is definitely not Zac Taylor and the Bengals (but would work with Miami)), lands Burrow at QB3.

Jake Fromm settles in as QB4. He might consider a return to campus as his Bulldog offense has bogged down time-and-time again. Fromm wins with processing and accuracy, but his arm is on Joe Burrow’s level, and the inclement weather in Athens Saturday really impacted the way he threw the football.

Travis Wingfield’s Final Top 5 (Will not change between now and the end of the season)

1. Tua Tagovailoa
2. Jordan Love
3. Joe Burrow
4. Jake Fromm
5. Justin Herbert

Week 14 Schedule

Fromm at Georgia Tech, Noon ABC
Love at New Mexico, 4:00 Facebook
Burrow vs. Texas A&M, 7:00 ESPN
Herbert vs. Oregon State, TBD


Additional Prospect Videos

Yetur Gross-Matos – Penn State Edge

Tyler Johnson – Minnesota Wide Receiver 

Antoine Winfield Jr. – Minnesota Safety

Rashod Bateman – Minnesota Wide Receiver (Class of 2021)

Shaun Wade – Ohio State Safety/Slot Corner

Malik Harrison – Ohio State Outside Linebacker

A.J. Dillon – Boston College Running Back

J.R. Reed – Georgia Safety

Shane Lemieux – Oregon Left Guard

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1 Comment

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    November 23, 2019 at 11:44 pm

    I dont think Grier will bite on Herert but then again he traded away out franchise left tackle entering his prime so who knows?

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Miami Dolphins

A second Dolphins mock draft from someone who doesn’t watch football

Shawn Digity



J.K. Dobbins 2020 NFL Draft
Image courtesy of USA Today Sports

(Locked On Dolphins) – Last week, Person A dazzled us with their blind mock draft, and now we’re back with the next entry in the series.

Person B is ready to go with their mock.

Keep in mind that all the blind mock draft contributors have little to no knowledge of the NFL.

I had all the contributors standardize their boards and the process so that everyone was on an even playing field.

They all used The Draft Network’s mock draft simulator with seven rounds, the predictive board, and had to choose the players manually.

Without further ado, here’s Person B’s mock draft.

(1) 5. Tua Tagovailoa – QB, Alabama
(1) 18. J.K. Dobbins – RB, Ohio State
(1) 26. Terrell Lewis – Edge, Alabama
(2) 39. Lloyd Cushenberry III – iOL, LSU
(2) 56. Xavier McKinney – S, Alabama
(3) 70. Rashard Lawrence – iDL, LSU
(5) 135. Chase Claypool – WR, Notre Dame
(5) 144. Justin Herron – OT, Wake Forest
(5) 147. Terrell Burgess – S, Utah
(6) 165. Lamar Jackson – CB, Nebraska
(6) 177. Jacob Breeland – TE, Oregon
(7) 223. David Reese II – LB, Florida

As I did with Person A, I reached out to Person B to get their reasoning behind the selections.

Me: “I noticed that you took Tua [Tagovailoa]. What led you to that decision with the fifth pick?”

Person B: “I knew the Dolphins wanted to get a QB, and Tua has been talked about so much that I just went with him.”

Me: “Which of your other selections did you feel particularly good about?”

Person B: “I need you to send me the link to my draft. I forgot who I picked since it took five attempts.”

[resends mock draft to Person B]

“I like my J.K. Dobbins pick. O-H-. And Rashard Lawrence. Because I figure he’s pretty good since LSU was really good this year.”

Me: “Your picks are really good. I’d put yours ahead of Person A. But it’s almost suspiciously good. Did you put your thumb on the scale somewhere along the line?”

Person B: “Well, by my 5th attempt (1 and 2: I didn’t select manual mode, 3: I didn’t pick 7 rounds from the drop-down menu, 4: I completed, but the site froze, and I lost everything), I figured out that I should probably pick from the top of the list first because if you don’t then those players just go like hotcakes.

So, I just matched up the positions the Dolphins needed to fill with the players highest on the list, and if I recognized a name or team, I would select them over someone I had never heard of.”

Me: “OK, well, we’re all out of time. Do you have any parting messages for Dolphins fans?”

Person B: “Well, I think the Dolphins are on the right track, and I hope that all of the true blue fans who have hung in with them for all these years will get to see another Super Bowl in the near future. GO FINS!”

And that wraps things up with Person B.

What are your thoughts on Person B’s mock draft? Leave a comment or tweet your thoughts at me directly on Twitter (@DIGITYnodoubt).

Tune in next time for Person C’s mock…

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NFL Draft

A Miami Dolphins mock draft from someone who doesn’t watch football

Shawn Digity



Tua Tagovailoa 2020 NFL Draft
Image courtesy of USA Today Sports

Miami, Florida (Locked On Dolphins) – Draft season is here. You know that already.

With draft season also comes the massive influx of mock drafts now that the floodgates have opened.

But that isn’t exactly what’s going on here.

There is a mock draft, but I’ve sought help from a different perspective this time.

I have enlisted some of my friends and family members to help put together their ideal draft classes for the Miami Dolphins in the 2020 Draft.

The kicker? They don’t know anything about football.

They aren’t up to date with the Miami Dolphins, either.

But I didn’t send them into the darkness totally blind. I sent them all the link to The Draft Network’s mock draft simulator where they were at least provided with a list of positional needs for the team.

To standardize each mock, I asked all contributors to pick the Dolphins, do seven rounds, use manual mode for their choices, and use The Draft Network’s predictive board.

Let’s see how our first contributor, Person A, did with their mock draft.

(1) 5. Tua Tagovailoa – QB, Alabama
(1) 18. D’Andre Swift – RB, Georgia
(1) 26. Grant Delpit – S, LSU
(2) 39. Ross Blacklock – iDL, TCU
(2) 56. Brandon Aiyuk – WR, Arizona State
(3) 70. Cole Kmet – TE, Notre Dame
(5) 135. Nick Coe – Edge, Auburn
(5) 144. Michael Onwenu – iOL, Michigan
(5) 147. Jacob Phillips – LB, LSU
(6) 165. Colby Parkinson – TE, Stanford
(6) 177. Lavert Hill – CB, Michigan
(7) 223. Cole Chewins – OT, Michigan State

I reached out to Person A to ask some questions and get some of their rationale behind the picks (and used the quotes with their permission).

When asked about double-dipping on tight ends, Person A said, “I didn’t realize I needed one from each of the letter combinations until later.”

When asked about their reasoning for waiting until the late rounds to address the offensive line, Person A responded, “I don’t know what the offensive line is, so no, I have no reasoning.”

In response to completing the mock draft, Person A had this to say: “I have no idea what I did, but here’s my list.”

There you have it, folks.

Person B’s mock draft is coming soon…

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Miami Dolphins

The Miami Dolphins and Tua Tagovailoa seem destined to cross paths

Shawn Digity



Tua Tagovailoa Miami Dolphins
Image courtesy of USA Today Sports

Miami, Florida (Locked On Dolphins) – The writing on the wall is being inscribed as we speak. The message is coming into focus, and the case for Tua Tagovailoa in aqua and orange is becoming stronger.

If you would’ve asked me about it last week, I would’ve sung the same ol’ tune that’s been on the record player for the past eight months. Get Tua Tagovailoa.

It’s the plight of every directionless team that’s caught in a slow whirlpool circling the drain. But if you find the quarterback, then they’ll take you to the promised land. That’s the panacea for a lifeless, wayward franchise, right?

And it’s one thing to wish upon a shooting star hoping that the Dolphins can get that franchise guy, but it’s another to land that generational talent at the position.

And the Miami Dolphins might be catching a break.

Until now, that’s all it was, hoping and wishing.

But something’s different now.

Something manifested on Thursday, January 30 that initiated an intertwining of fates between the Miami Dolphins and Tagovailoa.

It was recognition.

It was a flash of a silver lining that could see the Miami Dolphins get their new franchise quarterback.

Let me paint the picture.

Early on Thursday, Super Bowl Live featured the Alabama quarterback in an interview. It’s not related to anything Super Bowl, but it was a way for draftniks and fans of terrible teams to get their draft-related fix as the 49ers and Chiefs get ready to beat each other up in Super Bowl LIV.

What’s important about the interview is that Tagovailoa cleared some murky waters on his rehab and participation in the draft process.

Talking with NFL Network’s Colleen Wolfe and Michael Robinson, Tagovailoa was unsurprisingly asked about his recovery after his hip dislocation last November.

“I feel very good. We’re on pace to make a full recovery,” Tagovailoa responded.

When asked about his participation in the draft process, namely, the Combine, Tagovailoa stated, “My main goal is not to win the 40, not to win the bench press, but to win my medical.”

“I’m going to go over there looking to win my medical and then go in and interview with the teams. That’s pretty much what I’m going to do. And then hopefully there’s a pro day down the line, either late March or early April.”

Tagovailoa’s prognosis is looking good as he works his way back, but that’s not the real meat and potatoes of the Miami Dolphins-Tua Tagovailoa connection.

Shortly after Tagovailoa’s interview, Andy Slater revealed a significant nugget regarding the quarterback’s draft selection.

That’s crystal clear, no reason to speculate.

There’s no need to flesh out the quote. It’s almost straight from the horse’s mouth.

And I’d like to let all the Dolphins fans stop and revel in those words, but there’s more.

The faction of Miami Dolphins who wanted Tua Tagovailoa all along might want to have a seat for this one.

Later on Thursday evening, Tagovailoa’s agent, Leigh Steinberg, shot out a bombastic bon mot at the Bengals’ expense to fortify a certain idea: Tua Tagovailoa and his family want the Dolphins to draft him.

The two quotes feed off of each other. Not only does Tagovailoa’s father want the Dolphins to select his son, but Steinberg also makes it sound like stakeholders don’t want him to be taken by Cincinnati.

They’re just snippets, quotes, and nuggets at this point, but they’re all little bellwethers pointing toward the epicenter of a Tua Tagovailoa-Miami Dolphins collision course.

Buckle up. The two trains will intersect in just a few months.

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