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June 12 OTA Presser Bullet Points (Gase, Spence, Ballage, Aikens, Baker)

Travis Wingfield



The Dolphins’ off-season program concludes later this week, but the team continues to iron out the kinks before breaking for the summer.

Adam Gase, Jerome Baker, Kalen Ballage, Walt Aikens and Akeem Spence all spoke to the media today – here are those clips.

The theme, play fast.

(Click each player’s name to see their off-season scouting report write-up)

Adam Gase summary bullet points:

– Ryan Tannehill made it a point to meet anyone that came in during the 30 draft visits, regardless of their position (offense or defense).

– This is a passing camp. The running game isn’t exactly something you can simulate without pads.

– He wouldn’t answer the question regarding Josh Sitton’s absence today.

– Week 17 was experimental both with players and the scheme.

– Walt Aikens is one of the best tacklers on the team.

– The coaching staff is putting as much pressure on these guys to be able to play fast as they can. Implement something and take it to the field within the same day, create the same atmosphere they will see in-season.

– Each running back needs to be able to do everything. No specific packages, all interchangeable.

– Kalen Ballage is always trying to find opportunities to get extra work.

– Tempo or huddle, Tannehill played really well the last six or seven games no matter what they asked him to do.

– This is Tanenhill’s team – he rallied the guys for extra work after a less than desirable start.

– The rookie TEs are getting to the point where they aren’t repeating the same mistakes twice.

– Noncommittal about his comfort level with the backup quarterbacks.

Kalen Ballage summary bullet points:

– Learning from both Gore and Drake because even though Gore is a 14-year vet, he’s new to the offense too.

– Wants to be as consistent as he can. It’s not like he has no clue, but he’s not always 100% sure what he’s supposed to do. That confidence will come with time – playing fast.

– There’s nothing in this offense that he DOESN’T like. Everything the defense shows them they have a counter for it.

– Mindset when he touches the ball is to score.

– He and fellow-rookie Buddy Howell go over the playbook in their hotel room.

Walt Aikens summary bullet points:

– He’s a safety first but he’s cross-trained at corner – ready whenever and wherever they need him.

– These guys are buying into the system, bonding, gelling and ready to make some noise.

– Praised Minkah Fitzpatrick’s energy and skills.

Jerome Baker summary bullet points:

– He’s been moving around from WILL, SAM, Nickel and base defense.

– Physically he knows he’s fine, it just about getting acclimated mentally and he knows he’ll get there.

– Rooms with Quentin Poling, and “Q” goes to bed last and is gone when Jerome wakes up.

– Feels comfortable covering backs and TEs, has enjoyed going up against Mike again (college).

Akeem Spence summary bullet points:

– His job is to help get these guys used to what coach Kris [Kocurek] wants. Attack, attack, attack and get into the backfield.

– The defense is pretty much the same as what he did in Detroit minus some terminology here and there.

– Competition in individual drills to help make the work fun. Get-off drills have been a lot of fun.

– He played 60-70 snaps at times when injuries called for it but ideally this defense rotates like hockey shifts.

– His job is to help the ends and he has two of the best rushers in the league in Wake and Quinn.

Playing fast, attacking and getting used to the mental aspect of the game. That has been the theme for these guys throughout the course of the spring. We will continue to keep you updated on all the happenings around OTAs and training camp.


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